Sometimes some slow mixes are necessary in life. After sorting through numerous mix-tapes the other day I stumbled across one titled “2009: The Grammy Remix Album”. After listening to many of the songs I realized the mixes were all slow and almost suitable for a nap. After having posted multiple times with reggaeton, hip-hop and dance mixes I figured some slow jams were necessary. The mixture of Coldplay’s piano with Jay-Z’s lyrics or even Lupe’s rhymes on top of Sarah Bareilles provide with some relaxing tunes. Maybe even some homework music??? Well whether it is a night spent studying in the library or a lazy Sunday afternoon outside these beats will be sure to bring you relaxation. Enjoy

Reckon A Superstar (Remotmick Boogie Remix) – Radiohead ft. Lupe Fiasco

Say (Terry Urbanjudah Remix) – John Mayer ft. Jay-Z

I Got A Love Song (Remot Remix) – Lupe Fiasco ft. Sarah Bareilles

Lost Part 2 (Mick Boogie Remix) – Coldplay ft. jay-Z

Take The Hill (Terry Urbannvme Remix) – Coldplay ft. Jay-Z

I Can’t Tell You Why Ms. Officer – Lil’ Wayne ft. The Eagles


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