After a friday night full of bass thumping beats and synths from Girl Talk I decided it would be best to throw up some great new electronic/dance jams. The Bloody Beetroots are an Italian duo that seem to be on their way quickly to the top. After listening to a few of their songs I came to realize that their style can be compared to a mix of Daft Punk, Justice, and even some Ratatat. The harsh synths are a strong technique in many of their songs and I can only imagine how many recent leaks will soon be remixed by the Italian masterminds. With a current remix of Timbalands Miscommunication, the duo truly sets the stage for an uptempo and heart pulsing set of beats. It is impossible to sit still throughout any of their songs and with a punk/electronic style the Bloody Beetroots are sure to sweep the stage. After sorting through some of my favorites here are a few that will instantly blow your mind…Enjoy

Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) – MSTRKRFT

Warp 7.7 – The Bloody Beetroots

Warp 1.9 – The Bloody Beetroots

Dimmakmunnication (Timbaland Remix) – The Bloody Beetroots

Butter – The Bloody Beetroots


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