Endless Finals


Sorry to everyone who has been requesting new jams. As you all know finals week has just passed and I am finally home for the summer. After sitting down tonight I came across some crazy mixes. Summer is now among most of us and its time to have some great beach tunes or party songs. Here are a few I recently found so Enjoy. Alongside each song I will provide a personal rating and a short description. Let the beat build in Summer 09′

Hello Brooklyn – Jay-Z ft. Marvin Gaye (8.5/10) – Overall this is a very solid song. Great background of “Sexual Healing” with a few solid Wayne verses. Jay-Z completes the song and the few rap verses give a famous sexual song a more edgy feel.

Comfortable Up Here – Lil’ Wayne ft. Royksopp (9/10) – One of my favorite Wayne remixes that i have stumbled across. With a perfectly compatible Royksopp background, Weezy has the opportunity to capitalize throughout the entire song. This is one of those songs you want to listen to with your car windows down and volume cranked.

Turn My Swag On – Telephoned ft. Telli Federline (8/10) – A very interesting take to the original by Soulja Boy. It starts off fairly slow so be sure to hear it all the way through. The background trumpets and shadowing really give the song an electric feel…no pun intended.

Juicy (Brooklyn Go Hard Remix) – DJ Digital Dave ft. Notorious BIG (8.5) – How can you honestly give Biggy lower than an 8.5? Biggy’s verse really meshes with the voice of Santigold and the solid drum beats in the background. An amazing song from back in the day that is paired with modern jams to provide some contrast.

Overnight Celebrity (Dave Wrangler Remix) – Kanye West ft. Twista (7.5/10) – Not one of my best finds, however the background throughout the song makes it impressive. Kanye spits a few verses and with Twista meshed in as well this song would be good for a beach day or a night out


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