After nearly 6 days in Ireland the realization came to me that I haven’t posted anything new for almost two weeks. Sorry to all. With some time spent in search of new rips I have come across a few very good ones. Although the genres are no comparison to the Pub scene with bagpipes, guitars, and flutes, these songs do a good job of impressing. With nearly a week spent driving on the wrong side of the road, listening to ugly Irish girls’ accents, and drinking nothing but Guinness it is great to be back. Please enjoy the next few songs which I have spent hours listening to on numerous plane rides and car rides.

Two Weeks of Hip Hop – Dead Prez vs. Grizzly Bear (8.5/10) – all in all a great song. The piano in the background mixed with the crafty lyrics allow for a unique sound to shine through. A really well done mix with great meshing and cohesive beats.

Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix) – Discotech vs. Radiohead (9/10) – One of my favorite chill electronic songs of the past year. The sort of music that is perfect to blast on a car ride at night. The bass beat is so simple and so smooth it is bound to show you a good time.

Beat Beaty Bye Bye (Radio Vampiro Mix) – Ratatat vs. Cypress Hill (7.5/10) – Ratatat has long been one of my personal favorites and with Cypress Hill’s odd style over a catchy beat it allows for an interesting take. Enjoy

Revolver – Madonna ft. Lil’ Wayne (6/10) – Happened to come across this a few weeks ago. Definitely more mainstream than most stuff I post, however its got a catchy beat. Madonna is old but shows no sign of slowing up and Lil’ Wayne drops a unique verse at 1:17. Its less of a rap and more of him singing which is funny and entertaining. Definitely a song that girls would like in general and guys would like simply for the Weezy verse.


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