So with the Kenny Chesney concert comming up in Boston I figured it would be a good time to mix up the tunes a little bit. Kenny has graced Foxboro, MA with his presence for the past 5 years in a row and has played each year in front of a sold out crowd. Hitting a small rut in the remix world I decided to throw in some of my personal favorite summer country songs. They are all upbeat and fast paced which is good because there is only so much slow twang country one can take. Seth knows what i’m talking about. All the songs following are great for a top down drive or a saturday afternoon booze cruise with the friends. With only 20 days until I am back to school in NC i figured some southern songs were a must. All of these songs are legit and the southern girls love them so listen to them.

Summer Nights – Rascal Flatts – one of my favorite if not my favorite country song. Very upbeat and a killer party song. Bump it loud in the car, or on the boat and the mood rises. A solid summer country party song. (9.5/10)

Shes Country – Jason Aldean – starts off slow for the first 20 seconds and then a rush of violin, guitar, and banjo kick in. Once again a very upbeat song and one that many of the northern guys can appreciate going to school with the “country girls”. Wait for the guitar at 2:19, overall I’ll give it a (8.5/10)

Barefoot and Crazy – Jack Ingram – another jacked up country tune. Right from the get go you know its never gonna die out. The guitar keeps up the beat along with a set of hard drums. Another classy booze cruise tune. (9/10)

Hell Yeah – Montgomery Gentry – one of the more relaxing songs on this particular post. Good vocals and a great song to chill to. Starts slow and builds up. Make sure to wait for a decent solo at 3:00 as well. (6.5/10)

Bonfire – Craig Morgan – a perfect description of a summer beach party, in hick slang of course. Definitely and upper song and great to party to. A fun song for the beach or to blast in the car. Enjoy (8/10)

Sideways – Dierks Bentley – very upbeat song right from the start. Strong guitar riffs and a sweet banjo throughout. Great song to build up a boring night with some buds. A definite party song. (7/10)


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